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How to make the interior in the style of Provence: 25 best images from the new collection of Zara Home

Autumn is coming soon, August is outside the windows ... But you shouldn’t be sad, the new Zara Home collection will help you to keep summer memories in your home and cope with the autumn blues. How - see for yourself ... Apparently, this summer, designers of the most popular Spanish brand Zara Home spent somewhere in the south of France and were so imbued with the warmth and serenity of this region that they decided to perpetuate all the charm of Provence in their new collection, maintaining it in a romantic and incredibly delicate style chebbi chic.
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How to set the table for the New Year

Ideas for holiday serving from LSA International To celebrate the New Year so that it will be remembered for a long time, you need to prepare gifts, decorate a Christmas tree and, of course, set the table. After all, it is for him that his family or friends will gather during the holiday, here the main events and conversations will take place. The table will become the center of the composition in the photographs, so it is important to make it special.
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Scandinavian style inspired by luxury hotel rooms: bright, romantic apartment from Sweden

This apartment is filled with things from New York, Paris and London. In every detail of the interior - the romance of travel and comfort at home, where it is nice to return from them. Each room has a maximum of light and stylish combinations of colors, materials and textures. Want to know how to repeat such beauty? Read our article Designing this apartment in Sweden for yourself and your family, Caroline Roth (Caroline Roth), who used to travel a lot, achieved the effect of peace and comfort that is inherent in luxurious rooms of luxury hotels.
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